Inverness Beach

Inverness Beach (with surf)
Inverness Beach is located in Inverness County


Inverness beach is owned by the Municipality of Inverness and has been supervised since 1975.


The beach has washrooms and many conveniences located nearby in the town of Inverness. There is also an expanded canteen which boasts an impressive menu.

Beach Safety

Located about 350 meters down the beach is the breakwater, which is still heavily used by locals. People often try and walk out onto the breakwater but are easily persuaded against it by the lifeguards. The most prominent dangers of Inverness beach is the potential for high surf conditions that can cause rips and lateral currents. The lifeguard chair is positioned about 100 meters from the left of the beach entrance with the supervised area normally extending approximately 75 meters on either side of it. The waters of Inverness are usually warmer as compared to many of the other salt water beaches in Nova Scotia.


Inverness Beach is located in the town of Inverness off Highway 19.

Civic Address

158 Beach Rd. #1, Inverness