Martinique Beach

Martinique 2014
Martinique Beach is located in Halifax County


Martinique was supervised up to 1996 but then removed from the NSLS supervised beach list. A surge in popularity resulted in lifeguard supervision once again starting in 2007. At roughly 5 km in length, Martinique is Nova Scotia's longest sandy beach.


Martinique is a protected area for the piping plover. It is also a wildlife refuge. Facilities for this beach include a picnic area, change houses and outdoor washrooms.

Beach Safety

The lifeguards supervise an area of 200 meters. The surf is fairly consistent throughout the summer at 2-4 feet. Occasionally, the surf is larger and more dangerous which can create many currents and rips which can be dangerous for swimmers. There is a gentle slope.


From Halifax take either Highway 107 or 207 to Musquodoboit Harbour and turn right onto East Petpeswick Road.

Civic Address

2389 East Petpeswick Road, Eastern Shore HRM