Rissers Beach

Rissers Beach
Rissers Beach is located in Lunenburg County


Rissers Beach Provincial Park became official on June 7th, 1973. Prior to this, Rissers had been a common gathering spot for locals. As a result of a beach study, the government decided to develop Rissers into a provincial beach park.


Upon opening in 1973, there were 28 campsites, canteen, boardwalk, interpretation building, lifeguard shack, change rooms, washroom facilities and a large parking lot. Over the years the campsites have expanded to include more than 91. One campground, Little Rissers is situated beside the beach, and the other, North Rissers, is across the road. Both sites have access to water outlets and North Rissers provides washrooms, showers and a playground.

Beach Safety

Rissers Beach is a very safe beach. The location of the beach is in a bay and is sheltered. The surf does not usually exceed 1 metre and there are no drop-offs. The hazards of the beach include the shallow surf which patrons like to dive in and the ramp leading to the beach that children run down. The lifeguards enforce a "no running down ramp" rule and a "no diving in shallow water" rule to prevent injuries which could occur as a result of these practices. The supervised swimming area is marked by red and yellow flags on the beach and two orange buoys in the water located approximately 200m apart. Rissers beach usually experiences moderate water temperatures and moderate surf conditions. All dogs must be on leashes while at the beach. Floatation devices are not permitted on days when there is an offshore wind. Hard shell boats are not permitted to launch, land or travel in the supervised area, they must remain 200m outside the supervised area.


Rissers Beach is located on the South Shore approximately 25 kilometres south of Bridgewater on highway 331. It is located on the Atlantic Coast in Green Bay at the mouth of the Petite Riviere.

Civic Address

5463 Highway #331, Petite Rivière